Why work with Jeff 

Simple technical communications

You work on interesting projects. And I want to make your work understandable – and interesting – to your customers. I do this by creating captivating copy, visual content and websites from your technical information.

I have had two career paths that have joined: science and communications. Your marketing materials and websites will benefit from getting a balance between complex and creative.

Science can be our common language

You can talk to me in your own words. I have a chemistry degree and have worked in the field and in the lab, so I understand the language of a technical environment.

Now I work with engineers, professionals, scientists and technicians – the people that know the details – to take their information and make it remarkable to a wider audience.

I’ll take the time to figure out the information and data you provide. And that’s only the first step. After I understand what you do, I’ll make it interesting to more people. More people will understand what sets you apart.

Writing focused on your customers

My certification in technical writing and degree in journalism means my writing follows processes and standards to help the greatest number of people “get it.”

Every project is approached with a deliberate plan and strategy, so we can test, evaluate and improve.

With clear and precise writing, your customers will be able to understand what you do and how they fit in.

Showcase your work

The first step in every project is research and writing. If the words aren’t accurate or interesting, they have no value. I’ll then extend the words with supporting graphics through content-focused design.

I design the range of digital and print marketing materials, and I have even created an award-winning book.

Projects integrate writing with design because it is more effective in communicating complex topics. And more importantly, I can find a way to get your customers to look and listen.

One-stop shop for marketing materials 

Streamline your marketing workflow. I have worked with small businesses and non-profits for over five years to shrink their to-do lists by making sure the strategy, writing and design all gets done.

I’ll take your data, information and numbers and isolate the important details. Then I’ll create marketing materials that you can use – online or in person.

You’ll receive websites, white papers, blog posts and marketing materials that match your brand and speak to your customers. All in one step.

Your communications will be simplified.