Technical doesn’t have to mean boring

I won’t just explain what you do; I’ll show your customers how they’ll benefit.

I specialize in writing and design for technical topics. If you have something in mind that’s not on this list, send me a message.

Websites to show what you do

Website copy

As the foundation of a website, the words on the pages deserve strategy and clarity to convince visitors that you’re the solution they are looking for.

Lead magnets

Capture the attention of leads by offering something that is valuable, useful or interesting for your prospective customers.

Design and development

Intuitive design combined with best practices for SEO means visitors can find your website and find what they’re looking for.

Blog posts

As fresh content on your website, blog posts show new and existing visitors that you’re active and offer valuable answers to their questions.

Content to demonstrate thought leadership

Case studies

Capture the experiences of your customers and prove that what you do is helpful. 


Post and share your insights, tips and advice to show that you’re the expert.

White papers

These descriptive and detailed articles demonstrate that you’re the authority on the subject.

Marketing materials to attract new leads

Marketing and sales copy

Translate technical information into elegant content that makes sense to your customers.

Brochures and documents

These are the documents that your customers see and use – on the screen or in person.


Connect with your customers and get them to visit your website by sharing news, updates and articles that are interesting, timely and relevant.